Hello! My name is Kim.
I love to support small businesses (especially ones that give back). I have always been a foodie and believe that with life you need God, a good sense of humor, and balance.

To answer my two most common questions:

“Do you get paid?
No, because it allows me to stick to my values & only post what I personally prefer and would honestly recommend without conflicts. In a social media world where we are already indirectly being controlled, I pride myself in saying I grow my page organically and I do not use paid apps or #ad #sponsored . Because like I said- I really am a legit total foodie who is just trying to help our community

What’s your favorite restaurant?
Depends on what type of food I’m in the mood for 😉

(Long) story of how this all started
For awhile friends & family told me they used my personal Instagram page as a food guide and they thought it was funny how I had more food photos than anything else. One day, a couple of my friends made the same comment to me, except they mentioned there were times when they would click on a photo of a dish they wanted to try, the item wouldn’t always be from Lancaster. That was when I decided to create a filter for my Lancaster foods by creating the LNCeats hashtag. My SIL jokingly told me to change my IG name to @LNC_eats . And that’s how I got my username. I then had a few people advise me on how they grew their blogs, but I quickly realized none of it was my style. I have never been the “filter, photoshop, aesthetics” editing type of person because I simply didn’t have the patience and I honestly just wanted to continue being me- the foodie who just posts quick shots of cell phone quality food photos that were my real authentic-no filter- experiences. I also wanted to use my new platform to create a positive environment to support and give back to our community. Anyway, eventually my husband suggested I start using his DSLR, which I did for a short period. Now I am back to just using my iPhone because the foodie inside me just wants to eat the second food comes out!!
💞 Be kind and have a satisfying day, enjoy!

*** Please keep in mind that many eateries have seasonal/changing menus so my older-dated posts may no longer be available or some things may have changed (ingredients, pricing, etc).

Ps. 34:8

Photo taken at Per Diem