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[ Bistro Barberet & Bakery ]

Cedric Barberet, Owner & Pastry Chef of Barberet Bistro & Bakery

When I arrived to get a photo of Chef, I noticed someone was power washing the side walks. As I got closer, it was Chef Cedric himself! I did not recognize him because he was not in his usual chef attire, but actually in regular clothes with sneakers on, making sure the sidewalk in front of his eatery was presentable. He is one of the most humble human beings I have ever met. Do not let his famous background intimidate you. In fact, unless you ask about it, he does not bring it up. He speaks to you as if you are the celebrity he is taking of.
After spending some alone time with his staff, I have come to learn that not only do they have the upmost respect for him, but they also adore him. They laugh and joke with him and they genuinely enjoy working and learning from him.

1️⃣ What did you want to be growing up?
💬 Like most kids I wanted to be a cop and or firefighter but quickly was drowned by the pastry world as my dad owned a bakery in Lyon

2️⃣ If you were given one last meal, what would it be?
💬 A good dry super dry saucisson sec with some cornichon, butter and a fresh baguette

3️⃣ What is one magical power you wish to have?
💬 To be able to time travel backward

4️⃣ What ingredient do you always have in your home kitchen?
💬 Sugar of course

5️⃣ If you could only choose one dish to recommend from your eatery, what would it be?
💬 The Eclair- they are fresh and baked daily

6️⃣ Share one random fact about yourself:
💬 I am soccer fan. Crazy about a team in Lyon France “L’Olympique Lyonnais.” Turned my son into a fan too