[ MA(I)SON ]

Romantic, Cozy

See below for descriptions of all the items my husband and I enjoyed when we celebrated our 9 years anniversary at the heart of Lancaster- Ma(i)son. You can find the most humble chefs in the kitchen and the friendliest servers in the dining room. They all have those personalities in common and they also share their joy of each changing season because they get to spoil everyone with satisfying and filling foods using ingredients from our hometown.

THIS is what I imagine when I think of a farm to table concept. An eatery that utilizes what is locally in season and making the most of the good quality ingredients they can get a hold of.  I absolutely love how excited the staff gets each season because they get to create something new each time. When you look at the photos, especially the featured one above, you can tell Spring is finally upon us and there is lots of excitement in the kitchen as a result!


Roasted Lamb Skewers … $16.00
Savou cabbage, pickled spring vegetables, grilled lemon aioli
+ I never would have thought to use anything but lettuce for a raw outer veggie wrap, but this was genius because it held everything in so well, especially that aioli which was drinkable addicting

Chicken Liver Tartine … $13.00
Grilled bread, rhubarb, smoked spicebush vinegar, chives
+ The husband opted to use fork and knife.. but y’all know me. I just devoured this like no one was watching. Wiped my mouth and flipped the napkin over haha! Too much work to be graceful when I’m enjoying good food! The liver was soft and creamy and the pickled veggies and crusty thick bread gave it complimenting textures

Pan-Roasted Barramundi … $30.00
Spring Vegetable ‘panzanella’, watercress, peas, asparagus, green tomato, spring greens, olive oil, sourdough
+ Definitely the BEST fish I have ever had. The skin was so airy and crunchy. Fish was meaty yet flaky. By far my most favorite dish here!!

72-hour Beef Short Rib … $31.00
Floriani-corn spaetzle, braised cabbage, leeks, caramelized pearl onions, whole grain mustard, wilted spring greens
+ Mmm so tender and those Floriani-corn spaetzles had a firm texture with a sweetness to them that made them so addicting

Basque Cake … $ 8.00
French butter cake, citrus and pastry cream, blood orange curd, powdered sugar
+ I was told this was a very popular dessert and I definitely can see why! Crunchy outer layer with a thick and soft center

Spicebush Ice Cream
Spicebush ice cream, cocoa nib brittle, candied blood orange peel
Very impressed with this ice cream! It was creamy and smooth and I loved the cocoa nib brittle and candied orange peels!! Definitelly a grown up ice cream.. dare I say it.. way better than sprinkles as toppings!! hehe