Oh how I’ve missed my 🏠🍝second home in LNC 🥰 Looove how they cook seafood here. And pasta. And Everything teehehe.

It’s so nice to have a sit down meal that doesn’t involve delivery for a change 🙃

🎉 Celebrated finishing my first year of Nursing school with @isms_byjohnny . Also last meal before I head in for Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery 😬

📆 Keep checking back on Fridays with more celebratory meal posts!!

🚙 Lancaster, PA

📍 @luca_lancaster

🍤 Rigatoni

💲 17.00

🗒 Sautéed shrimp, cured pork jowl, toasted garlic, san marzano tomato, calabrian chili