Happy Travel✈️Tuesdays!

A couple that “lifts” 🍜 together, stays together 🤣 Celebrated 10 yrs of marriage to @isms_byjohnny this past wknd in NYC!!

I. Am. BEGGING EVERYONE- if you ever go to NYC, PLEASE make reservations for “Midnight Ramen.” Hands down, the best ramen we have ever had. Legit lick the bowl amazing 🙌🏻 👅💦💦salivating hardcore as I type this.. Hehe it was THAT good. Plus, ADD THE FOIE GRAS omgossshhh I food-died 😭 We even agreed that going forward, every single NYC trip that we take, we will go here and it is a non-negotiable. Every night they serve grilled beef dishes for dinner and on Fridays and Saturdays at Midnight and 1am they serve their 24 hrs simmered beef broth ramen.


📍 @takashinyc