Sushi Sweats is real.

Had AYCE sushi with a coworker and we struggled so badly 🤣 You get charged if you don’t finish what you order, so I tried so hard to finish every last piece… and I gave up at the last few pieces when I realized it was taking me too long to chew 🤣 Did you know.. Asians believe drinking hot tea while eating helps “melt the fat away.” Of course I don’t believe it- but I ordered a hot tea the night I had this hoping it would “melt the food away” so I could have room to eat more 😅

💡 #FoodTips

Order one roll at a time.

DO NOT GET GREEDY. Don’t. Do it!!

🚙 Lancaster, PA

📍 Ginza

🍣 AYCE Sushi

💲 22.95