🥳 Welcome Back!! Wed-Sun from Noon-6pm
🙀oh my gosh. Oh. My. Gosh!!
🙏🏻 Thank you @ajmarie6 for telling me they have the best fried chicken sandwich and @lulubiz for convincing me their Hot Chicken tastes like Nashville’s… BECAUSE IT DOES 😭😍 LOVE the spicy crispy tender chicken, creamy sweet slaw and crunchy pickle 🙌🏻 legit salivating as I post this 😅 #iwantmore #iNEEDmore
🚲 Downtown Lancaster
📍 @thisisroute66
🔥 Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich
💲 6.99
🗒 A take on Nashville’s Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich + coleslaw + pickles

💖 Special thanks to this family because they donated ANOTHER round of burgers and chicken sandwiches to our night shift ED crew AND when they asked if I was working and I said “no,” they told me to swing by because they’d have a bag with my name on it teeehehe 🥰