I call this my freedom meal.

Had the best 4 hours of my life in 2 years by playing 🎮Minecraft with my boys and cousin without running on fumes and needing to hurry back to studying.

From here on out I have no more nursing school obligations. Now it’s just.. living again 🥰

🍷 Had a nice glass of red with one of my classic faves!!

🚙 Lancaster, PA

📍 @riceandnoodlesvietnameseeatery

🍜 [S 4] Bun Bo Hue (large)

🔊 boong • ball • way

💲 9.25

🗒 Spicy pork and beef soup served in a fish stock with large rice noodles and topped with Vietnamese cilantro. This soup has a bold but delightful taste to satisfy your appetite. Pork hock requested.