From πŸ“ Central PA

Almaz Ethiopian πŸ“ Lancaster, PA

Blazin’ J’s πŸ“ Lancaster, PA

Cafe 301 πŸ“ Columbia, PA

Callaloo Trinidadian Kitchen πŸ“ Lancaster, PA

Caribbean Wave πŸ“ Lancaster, PA

Culinary Services πŸ“ Lancaster, PA

Grape Leaf Cafe πŸ“ Lancaster, PA

Rocky’s BBQ πŸ“ Columbia, PA

Route 66 πŸ“ Lancaster, PA

Russy’s Sweet Treats πŸ“ York, PA

Xulbo Bridge Food Stand πŸ“ Lancaster, PA

🩺 Being a graduate nurse, I can’t help but remember Kira Johnson’s story. [ Click here ] to see how you can also help her husband’s movement in memory of her.

πŸ“š [ Click here ] to watch an informative, powerful, beautiful and heartbreaking conversation between two amazing nurses to educate yourself so you may teach others to be better and do better.

Click on the image of a post I had uploaded on my personal Facebook page referencing a Harvard study

Humans (I learned that greeting from @timmydaly last year and fell in love)!!

Get out of the comfort behind your 24 hrs Stories and make a more permanent stance. Remember, change starts in your own home, your workplace, etc. Stop brushing off ignorance that you witness for your own comfort. Imagine how much more uncomfortable and heartbreaking it is for someone to have ignorance targeted directly to him/her. Forget about yourself and your image for a moment and STAND UP for rights that have been available for you, but not for others.

Within the past 24 hrs I have learned the difference between All Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter. And I apologize if I upset anyone for saying that this is about having to see everyone as an equal regardless of race, color, gender, medical condition, etc.. Yes- that is ALL important, but right now, those β€œhouses are not on fire” and we need to tend to the one that is. πŸ’ž Black. Lives. Matter.

Educate yourself.

Teach others.

Be kind always.