SAVE LNC eateries!!

Unfortunately it has been brought to my attention that there are places you never thought would close- are in serious need of help right now. If things don’t return back to normal in 6 months, there may be some permanent closings =(

PLEASE help our small eateries. They have continually satisfied our bellies, helped create memorable moments in our lives, and helped make this community by providing jobs and teaching us so much about the culinary world.

They need us now, more than ever.

Ways you can help:

🍽 Dine out

🥡 Order takeaway/delivery

🗓 Make some reservations and force yourself to have a little break and have some mask to mask human interaction hehe.

📲 If you cannot keep your reservation, PLEASE provide adequate notice so eateries have opportunities to fill in your spot- remember, they are not allowed to run on full capacity, so every seat literally means EVERYTHING to them

💳 Purchase gift cards!! Start some early holiday/special event shopping now. Buy a gift card every now and then and store it up for when the holidays and special events come up- that way you aren’t slammed with spending a bunch of money all at once/at the last minute 😜