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🥰Feeling honored to be interviewed by @sundaywithlnp and oh so thankful for their support 🙏🏻

🙌🏻 I need to take this moment to point out that Mike Andrelczyk is a legit writer. If you have ever had a conversation with me, you know I start out shy and then I am ALL OVER THE PLACE once I get comfy 🙈 He made the interview process fun, feel natural, and he did a fantastic job piecing together our convo- which was so beautifully written

💞 Finally, thank YOU for supporting Lancaster. You all are very much a part of the success of our eateries. My heart is always overflowing with joy when I hear about satisfied followers trying out dishes I recommend, because that means you are helping someone’s dream (of owning a successful business) come true!! THANK YOU!