Brussels Sprout Corstino

All day I dream about my old life of being at LUCA on a weekly basis 😭 Had this a couple weeks ago and it was a perfect texture with right amount of sweet and a hint of heat. Gosh it amazes me how they make brussels sprouts so addicting πŸ™ŒπŸ»
🚲 Lancaster City
πŸ“ @luca_lancaster
πŸ’² 12.00
πŸ—’ ​Grilled bread, ricotta, roasted brussels sprouts, calabrian pepper jelly

Com Dau Hu Xao Hanh

Well lookie lookie. This is something I’ve never had from Sprout before!! So as always, this is now my new fave item from there 🀣 #everythinghereissatisfying
🚲 Downtown Lancaster
πŸ“ @sproutlancaster
🍚 [ CM 8 ] Com Dau Hu Xao Hanh
πŸ’² 9.00
πŸ—’ Deep-fried tofu stir-fried with lemongrass, turmeric, and yellow onions. This dish is served with rice, a small lettuce and tomato vinaigrette salad, and a peanut sauce on the side.