Octopus and Pork Belly Spiedini

[ LUCA ] AMBIANCE Vibrant FOOD NOTES My new must have fave.. It’s summer in your mouth. JUST GO TRY IT!! There’s a familiar Vietnamese taste to this, but I just cannot figure out what it is.. guess it just means I gotta keep eating it to find out PICTURED Octopus & Pork Belly Spiedini … 12.00 Wood-grilled skewer, shaved fennel, blood orange, frisee, radish … Continue reading Octopus and Pork Belly Spiedini

Vermicelli Salad Bowl

[ SPROUT of Rice & Noodles ] AMBIANCE Casual FOOD NOTES It’s a beautiful week to fill up on salad bowls!! Everything on their menu is satisfying and oh so fresh! PICTURED [B 9] Bun Nem Nuong + Eggrolls … $9.25 A bed of vermicelli rice noodles served at room temperature over shredded lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts, and cilantro. Topped with grilled homemade pork sausage, … Continue reading Vermicelli Salad Bowl

Scallion Pancake Wrap in a Bowl

[ SILANTRA ] AMBIANCE Casual FOOD NOTES Bowl won the vote against Bing, but Silantra suggested getting the Bing in the Bowl. Loved the crunchy grill marks on the chicken!! This was for sure filling. AND I love how they have a mini bowl for kids. Don’t forget- 100 percent of tips go to a local non-profit charity every month! PICTURED Scallion Pancake Wrap in a Bowl … Continue reading Scallion Pancake Wrap in a Bowl