Pound Cake and Berry Compote

If there was one dessert that could convert me from having savory tooth to sweet tooth, it would be this.
I just want to bathe in this 🥰 I want this all day every day, no lie 😇 I LOVE the crunchy outer layer and warm soft center of the cake, followed by the 😍abundance of warm sweet berries- finished with the light cool cream.. ahhhhhh. I rarely crave dessert and THIS I CRAVE 😭🙌🏻
🚙 Lititz, PA
📍 @perdiemlititz
🍓 Chef’s Select from 12/21/18
💲 8.00
🗒 Southern pound cake on a warm mixed berry compote with fresh made vanilla whipped cream

Purple Potato Gnochhi

Legit drooling as I post this. If I had to choose one last meal to have, this would go on that very small list I would choose from. Gnocchi has a crunchy outer layer with dense yet pillowy center and the mushroom veggie mix has a buttery meaty flavor I can’t even describe— it’s just so satisfying and addicting!! 🙌🏻😍Just go try it!!
🚙 Lititz, PA
📍 @perdiemlititz
🍠 Purple Potato Gnocchi
💲 17.00
🗒 Village Crest Farms mushrooms, butternut squash, sundried tomatoes, shallots, brown butter, herbs

Com Dau Hu Xao Hanh

Well lookie lookie. This is something I’ve never had from Sprout before!! So as always, this is now my new fave item from there 🤣 #everythinghereissatisfying
🚲 Downtown Lancaster
📍 @sproutlancaster
🍚 [ CM 8 ] Com Dau Hu Xao Hanh
💲 9.00
🗒 Deep-fried tofu stir-fried with lemongrass, turmeric, and yellow onions. This dish is served with rice, a small lettuce and tomato vinaigrette salad, and a peanut sauce on the side.

Monster Bash

[ DOUGH & CO ]


Happy GRAND OPENING to one of Lancaster’s new hot spot!! And thank you to my blue loving kid for being my hand model for this photo- can you tell he loves blue? Should’ve seen how happy he was that his mouth was blue haha! Not gonna lie.. I did not grow up eating cookie dough. But THIS is a game changer. It doesn’t have that big gritty texture — it’s creamy and legit addicting!!

Monster Bash … 3.45 [one scoop]
M&Ms + Crushed Oreos