Sunday with LNP


🥰Feeling honored to be interviewed by @sundaywithlnp and oh so thankful for their support 🙏🏻

🙌🏻 I need to take this moment to point out that Mike Andrelczyk is a legit writer. If you have ever had a conversation with me, you know I start out shy and then I am ALL OVER THE PLACE once I get comfy 🙈 He made the interview process fun, feel natural, and he did a fantastic job piecing together our convo- which was so beautifully written

💞 Finally, thank YOU for supporting Lancaster. You all are very much a part of the success of our eateries. My heart is always overflowing with joy when I hear about satisfied followers trying out dishes I recommend, because that means you are helping someone’s dream (of owning a successful business) come true!! THANK YOU!!

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Lancaster City Restaurant Week 2018

[ LCRW2018 ]

It’s that time of the year to start planning your 🍽🗓 Food Eatinerary!!
Lancaster City Restaurant Week will be in TWO WEEKS:
Sept 10 – Sept 16, 2018!!

📲 Remember to POST your experiences with the hashtag #LCRW2018 for a chance to win one of the gift cards ranging from $10 – $100!!

🗳How to Enter Contest

1️⃣ POST a photo of your experience from this Fall’s LCRW 2018’s participating eatery

2️⃣ HASHTAG that post on Instagram with #LCRW2018

(Your acct must be set to “public” in order for me to view it. If your acct is private, you may send your submission through the “email” button on my profile)



*ORIGINALITY – photo must be of your experience. This means it could be a photo of the eatery, food, and/or you at the eatery

*CLARITY – clear image, able to recognize exactly what the image is

*ENJOYABLE – looks fun/delicious

💞We want you to have a memorable experience! No need for photography experience to win. Be genuine & have fun! And don’t spend too much time taking photos- enjoy your experience!



🏆1st Place – $100 in downtown dollars from Lancaster City Alliance

🏆1st place – $100 in downtown dollars from the Downtown Investment District

🏆2nd Place – $50 Gift Card from Belvedere Inn

🏆2nd Place – $50 Gift Card from Red Rose Tavern

🏆3rd Place – $25 Gift Card from Commonwealth on Queen

🏆3rd Place – $25 Gift Card from Isaac’s Downtown Bar & Grill

🏆4th Place – $20 Gift Card from Characters Pub

🏆5th Place – $10 Gift Card from Sprout of Rice & Noodles


* All entries must be submitted via Instagram/email as indicated above by Monday, September 17, 2018 at 11:59pm (EST). A winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 18, 2018. The prize winners have 30 days from winning announcement to redeem their prizes by contacting the restaurants that awarded them or Lancaster City Alliance (717-394-0783). This is no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s term of use.


[ Lancaster Farm Fresh ]

JOIN ME as I attend the second LEARN IT LOCAL event!! Meet the chef of a local eatery who will be providing us with lessons on how to make quick and easy foods using ingredient from Lancater Farm Fresh Co-op. You will also be fed samples of what we learn at the same time.

[ click here to purchase ticket ]

WHEN: Monday, June 04, 2018

TIME: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

LOCATION: [ Goldie’s Bakery ]

COST: $10.00 per person


[ Amorette ]

🎉 GRAND OPENING on May 22!!

I am in awe of the experience we received here. From decor to service to food.. this place does everything right. Such beautiful presentations that tastes as amazing as it looks. And what a deal for an exceptional quality lunch!!

Roasted Beets, Tomato, Goat Cheese, Cucumber, Melfor Vinaigrette
The textures of this goes so well together. A very light yet satisfying starter. Loved that the cheese did not overpower the beets

ENTREE | Blue Crab Cake, Scallions, Shrimp Mousse, Dijon Creme
When I took the first bite I immediately thought.. I felt like just picked crabmeat off of a freshly steamed crab and placed it in my mouth. That’s how fresh it tasted. No heavy fillers to take away from the delicate flavors and textures of the crabmeat. Much respect was shown to the crabmeat. THIS is what all crab cakes should taste like. I try not to call anything “the best” in fear of finding something better… but THIS IS the best I have ever had!

DESSERT | Soft Hibiscus Gelee, Campari Sorbet, Violet Meringue
Beautiful and delicious. As you all know, I always choose savory over sweets. But this.. has my heart.

I have always loved Cafe Di Vetro (especially the seafood soups that Chef Daniel created) and have been excited for this moment for him and for Lancaster!! Plus, a few of the staff members at Amorette (including Chef Daniel) are actually Michelin-trained. I am telling you, you must make reservations on Opentable now before more of the public finds out about this place and it gets harder to get a reservation. FYI- you do not have to wait until Grand Opening to try this place. They are currently open NOW!! I know I will be coming back more often because no exaggeration, everything about this entire experience was phenomenal.



Fete en Blanc

[ Fete en Blanc ]

The most fun party of the year is just around the corner!
I am a planner by nature and I usually have my Fete en Blanc planned a year in advance (because it is such a fun party), so I am SO EXCITED to share my simple planner with you to make the planning easy and fun.

FYI- I highly recommend using as many disposable products as possible. It’ll help lighten the load (trust me, I learned my lesson the first year when I used my super heavy dinnerware haha). Also, support a local eatery and get a Fete Food Package. Another item you do not have to prepare for!

[ Fete en Blanc Food Packages ]

Click below for a free printable READY SET FETE checklist. Enjoy!